Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My dairy farming ancestors are not going to be impressed

I worked out a whole post about sleep and sleep strategies and weighing each approach, and came up with a draft of a plan for dealing with the challenges I'm having with Oliver's sleep. I looked at the No Cry Sleep Solution, Nighttime Attachment Parenting and Ferberizing (which my Dad refers to as Vaporizing - which is pretty much what I think of it so far), and blended the three in a way I was comfortable with.

But I also couldn't shake the feeling that something might be physically wrong with the poor little guy and that might be what's causing him so much distress. At first when this sleep problem reared its ugly head it seemed to be just related to bedtime, which my mum pointed out would suggest he just doesn't want to sleep. Good point, except for one thing: I was deciding when bedtime would be based on his level of fussiness, meaning he would get fussy and I would then deem it bedtime.

So I made a doctor's appointment to check out all the possible physical causes, but of course, I've already diagnosed the problem. I believe that my little monkey has a dairy intolerance. The only conclusive link between mother's food and breastfed babies' behavior is related to dairy intolerance. A small number of babies are allergic to the proteins in cow's, sheep and goat's milk.

A small number.. so am I just looking for the least likely cause of a problem, to help avoid having to address the sleep issue? Maybe.

But here are all of the symptoms, and Ollie's got them all, now that I'm thinking about it.
So the doctor's appointment stands, I'm still thinking about sleep strategies and tomorrow I'll be getting my naturopath to weigh in. In the meantime though, I'll be giving up all dairy, and it is going to be a major challenge. I've never successfully given up anything, food-wise, except alcohol when I was pregnant. For ten years I was a Big Mac-eating vegetarian and I've never been on a diet for more than the time it took to think one up. But for this milk-loving cutie, I guess it's worth a shot.
Wish me luck!

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