Sunday, July 18, 2010

Butter! Butter! Butter!

Ollie's first lobster
We spent this weekend at my in-law's cottage with his parents and brother and sister-in-law, celebrating their semi-annual lobster-fest with friends from the surrounding cottage area.

I mentioned briefly in an earlier post that I was going to try giving up dairy to see if it helps Ollie with any of his sleep/gas/crankiness issues, and have done pretty well on that since last Wednesday (although I keep forgetting and making myself grilled cheese sandwiches, only to have to pass the over the fence to my friend Simon the cheese man). I was not really looking forward to a lobster fest sans butter, however, as I believe that lobster, corn and bread were all given to us from the divine creator for the purpose of bringing butter to our mouths in a more civilized fashion.

Happily for me, my naturopath agreed that the dairy-free challenge was a worthwhile test and suggested that after ten days without dairy I go dairy-crazy to observe the affects on Oliver. Ten days from last  Wednesday?... Saturday! I felt a little guilty gorging on butter and sour cream and cheese knowing that that might cause Ollie discomfort, but since it was for the purposes of medical experimentation I pushed forward. I'll watch Ollie for the next three days and then know whether I'm doomed to a few years of abstaining from the best foods I can think of.

As well as the dairy challenge, I also met a few other personal challenges - wearing a two piece for the first time since I was four months pregnant, and wakeboarding for my very first time! My sister-in-law took me for a lesson and I got up on the first try and stayed up three more times after that. My arms and legs feel like limp little noodles now, so with Ollie in bed, Chris and I are curled up in the tv room eating sushi and watching Mad Men. A perfect ending for a lovely weekend!

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