Monday, June 28, 2010

To swim, or not to swim

I am an over-thinker. Sometimes it’s a good thing, it helps me make good, positive choices for myself, my baby and my life. But sometimes I spend way too much time thinking about something that should be an easy decision, and sometimes taking into account all the facts and information holds me back from just doing what I WANT to do.

I love to swim. My husband loves to swim. I literally daydreamed about swimming with my baby more than any other aspect of life with baby while I was pregnant. Babies in the water are so sweet! Happy, surprised little faces, excited, flapping arms splashing around.

It is summer. It is HOT. And I’m at home all day, looking for activities for me and Ollie. The city of Toronto has pools, my gym has a pool, both have programs specifically for little babies to try out swimming.

So why aren’t we in a pool every day of the week? I made the mistake of being a responsible mother and checking with my pediatrician and my naturopath, to make sure swimming in the chlorine would be OK. Both agreed that it wasn’t, not before six months. Evidently chlorine is linked with asthma, skin rashes, etc.

But here’s the problem: ALL the other mothers I know take their babies swimming. In fact, my one mommy friend has been taking her son since he was Ollie’s age, and thinks we should go together this week. I am sure that my mum took me before six months (she denies it), I am sure most of us were in pools before six months. I just want to take my baby swimming!

So tell me, do I ignore my doctor’s advice and take Oliver swimming this week? Keep in mind, this is the same doctor who told me to give my baby meat two weeks ago (so basically, she might be crazy).
Ollie, doing the only swimming he's done so far

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